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Rethinking Education and Emancipation Diverse Perspectives on Contemporary Challenges

Rethinking Education and Emancipation [electronic resource] : Diverse Perspectives on Contemporary Challenges / edited by Nataša Lacković, Igor Cvejic, Predrag Krstić, Olga Nikolić.
1st ed. 2024.
Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan, 2024.
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This edited collection responds to the contemporary need for deeper analysis and rethinking of the relation between education and emancipation in a world beset by social, digital, educational and ecological crises. Among the diverse interdisciplinary perspectives explored are: rethinking the Anthropocene in the time of environmental emergency, the concept of relational thinking as emancipatory practice and a more encompassing concept of relational pedagogy that includes questions about the environment and digitalisation, the notion of indoctrination from the perspective of political education, reconnecting with the body as a form of emancipatory education and how schools reproduce socio-cultural ideologies in synergy with material and visual culture. The book chapters also consider the role of social media, postcolonialism and feminism in understanding emancipatory education and a historical reception of John Dewey's ideas in other than Western contexts. This volume will be of interest to those seeking well-known as well as further and novel acquaintance with the philosophical and critical issues surrounding different forms and ideas of emancipation and/or/through education, including related practical propositions and examples. Educators, scholars in education, social justice, philosophy, sociology and curriculum developers will find this collection valuable in contemplating, practising and theorising the futures of emancipatory education across contexts and themes. Nataša Lacković is Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University, UK. Predrag Krstić is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Olga Nikolić is Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Igor Cvejic is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade, Serbia.
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April 10, 2024
Palgrave Studies in Educational Philosophy and Theory,
Palgrave Studies in Educational Philosophy and Theory,
Chapter 1- On the Relationship Between Education and Emancipation Krstić Predrag, Lacković Nataša, Nikolić Olga, Cvejić Igor
Part 1: Education-Emancipation: Histories and Tensions
Chapter 2 - Does Education Require Emancipation? A historical analysis Krstić Predrag
Chapter 3 - Emancipatory Education Through an Inclusion of Minority Political Views: Exploring the Concept of Indoctrination Miloš Kovačević
Chapter 4 - Ways and sideways of emancipation: Dewey's reception in different political eras of an other-than-Western context Milica Sekulović and Aleksandra Ilić Rajković,- Part 2: Emancipatory Education and Contemporary Challenges
Chapter 5 - The Anthropocene Subject and Emancipation: The challenge of "emancipatory" pedagogy in an era of climate crisis Cary Campbell
Chapter 6 - Developing feminist-decolonial-capabilities for emancipatory pedagogy: A case of Gulf-Arab women's learner-positionalities Zoe Hurley Chapter 7 - Relational Thinking: A Key Ingredient of Relational Pedagogy and Education Nataša Lacković Part 3: Emancipation Ways and Needs in Teaching
Chapter 8 - Learning from the arts: Dance as emancipation of the body Una Popović
Chapter 9 - Towards emancipatory dialogues on girls' social positioning in schools: Uniforms and work fit for future Japanese women? Yoshiko Itashiki
Chapter 10 - Education for Emancipating Teachers Paolo Scotton
Chapter 11- Epilogue: Future work in and for emancipatory education Krstić Predrag, Lacković Nataša. .

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