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Nature in Ireland : a scientific and cultural history

Nature in Ireland : a scientific and cultural history / senior editor, John Wilson Foster ; associate editor, Helena C.G. Chesney.
1874675295 (cased)
1874675899 (pbk.)
Dublin : Lilliput Press, 1997.
Physical Description
xii, 658 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
Maps on endpapers.
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June 01, 2002
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The heritage of the rocks / John Feehan
Encountering traditions / John Wilson Foster
The early naturalists / Christopher Moriarty
Fluctuations in fortune: three hundred years of Irish geology / Patrick N. Wyse Jackson
The kingdom of the air: the progress of meteorology / Brendan McWilliams
Woodland in history and culture / Eoin Neeson
Botany in Ireland / Donal Synnott
Bogland: study and utilization / Peter Foss and Catherine O'Connell
Paper landscapes: mapping Ireland's physical geography / J.H. Andrews
Insects and entomology / James P. O'Connor
Mammals and mammalogy / Patrick Sleeman
Bird study in Ireland / Clive Hutchinson
Fish and fisheries / Christopher Moriarty
No stone unturned: Robert Lloyd Praeger and the major surveys / Michael D. Guiry
Out of Ireland: naturalists abroad. Francis Beaufort / Sheila Landy. Edward Sabine / Paul Hackney. Francis Rawdon Chesney / Helena C.G. Chesney. Francis Leopold McClintock / Paul Hackney. Robert Templeton / Helena C.G. Chesney and Robert Nash. John Macoun / Mary G. McGeown. Henry Chichester Hart / Iain Higgins
Enlightenment and education / Helena C.G. Chesney
Darwin in Belfast: the evolution debate / David N. Livingstone
Nature and nation in the nineteenth century / John Wilson Foster
Contrasting natures: the issue of names / Seán Lysaght
The history of natural history: grand narrative or local lore? / Dorinda Outram
Essential texts in Irish natural history / David Cabot
The art of nature illustration / Martyn Anglesea
Wild sports and stone guns / Michael Viney
The natural history of demesnes / Terence Reeves-Smyth
Threat and conservation: attitudes to nature in Ireland / John Feehan
The culture of nature / John Wilson Foster.

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