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Zvězda presvětlai︠a︡

Zvězda presvětlai︠a︡, [ca. 1680-1690].
Physical Description
1 v. (297 l.) : ill. ; 20 cm.
Church Slavic
Incipit: Bogotechnui︠u︡ zvězdu i︠u︡zhe viděvshe volʹsvi, o neĭ zheprorochestvovashe Valaa drevle, i toi︠a︡ pōslědovasha zari....
130 miniatures from the second half of the 19th century, including full illuminations depicting miracles of the Virgin.
Watermarks: jester's head (Dianova, 1980, #355 (1683), #327 (1652)); crest of the city of Amsterdam with the letters IP (Dianova, 1980, #159 (1680))
Stamp with two-headed eagle dated 1746 on inside back cover.
Binding, 17th-18th century, boards in stamped leather with one intact clasp; spine restored in 19th century.
Possible translation from a Ruthenian printed version (see Slovarʹ Knizhnikov i knizhnosti drevnei Rusi, 17 vek (A-Z), St. Petersburg, 1992, pp. 398-400)
Similar 17th-century copy found in Undolʹskij Collection, Russian State Library, Moscow, # 398. (See V. M. Undolʹskiĭ, Slavi︠a︡no-russkie rukopisi V.M. Undol'skago, Moscow, 1870, pp. 263-264.)
Russian Church Slavic.
Purchased from Svetlana Aronov on the Edwin J. Beinecke Fund, 1997. Late 17th century ownership inscription on verso of first leaf attributed to Pantelei, son of Afanasi.
An anthology of translated and Russian accounts of the posthumous miracles of the Virgin Mary.
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June 01, 2002

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