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Uniform Title
Leitourgikon, Church Slavic
Sluzhebnik, [ca. 1620-1640].
Physical Description
1 v. (219 l.) ; 21 cm.
Church Slavic
Beginning and final pages lacking.
Semi-uncial script.
Watermarks: pitcher with rosette on lid (Geraklitov, #488, #491 (1621-1622)); pitcher with rosette and half-moon on lid (Geraklitov, #650 (1626)).
Binding: Early 20th-century, boards stamped in leather with two brass clasps.
Spine title: 16th-century Sluzhebnik.
Scribe named on leaves 199-217: Ilʹya Popov.
Similar 16th-century manuscript found in the Arkhangelʹsk Collection, Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, # 66. (See Opisanie rukopisnogo otdela biblioteki akademii nauk SSSR, tom 8, vyp. 1, Leningrad, 1989, pp. 70-71.)
Russian Church Slavic.
Ownership inscription on leaves 124-127: Andrej, son of Mikhail. Purchased from Svetlana Aronov on the Edwin J. Beinecke Fund, 1997.
Russian Orthodox service book. Includes liturgies of Pope Gregory, St. John Chrysostom, and St. Basil; service for the Pentecost; rites of baptism, betrothal, crowning, burial; rites of sanctification of Holy Water and oil, and of curing the deaf and the dumb; canons on the conducting of services and on church offerings; Prokeimena.
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June 01, 2002
Leaves 1-10v.: Eastern Orthodox liturgy / Pope Gregory I.
Leaves 10v.-35: Nachalo bozhestvennyi︠a︡ litorgii︠a︡/ Saint John Chrysostom.
Leaves 35-46v.: Sluzhba izhe vo svi︠a︡tykhʺ ott︠s︡a nashego Vasilīi︠a︡ Velikogo / Saint Basil.
Leaves 46v.-59: Chinʺ byvaetʺ ezhe ōglashena kresti.
Leaves 59-71v.: Poslědovanīe svi︠a︡tyi︠a︡ pi︠a︡tdesi︠a︡tnit︠s︡a.
Leaves 71v.-78v.: Nachalo panekhide.
Leaves 78v.-88: Oustavʺ ōbruchanīi︠u︡ i věnchani︠u︡.
Leaves 88-101v.: Posledovanīe ōsveshtenīi︠u︡ vodě svi︠a︡tykh.
Leaves 101v.-129v.: Posledovanīe svi︠a︡tago masla tvorenīe.
Leaves 129v.-136: Prokimny.
Leaves 136v.-149: Nachalo pogrebenīi︠u︡ mirskomu.
Leaves 149-180: Kanonʺ prichastnoĭ blagoslavenʺ Bogʺ.
Leaves 180-215: Pravilo svi︠a︡tykh apostolʹskikh ōtet︠s︡ o t︠s︡erkvene prinoshenii. Leaves 215-219: Chinʺ ponovlenii︠u︡ glukhu i nemu.

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