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Restatement of the law, fourth : property. Tentative draft, No. 3 (April 2022)

Restatement of the law, fourth : property. Tentative draft, No. 3 (April 2022) / the American Law Institute.
Philadelphia, PA : Executive Office, American Law Institute, [2022]
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xl, 468 pages ; 28 cm.
"Submitted by the Council to the membership of The American Law Institute for consideration at the 2022 Annual Meeting on May 16-18, 2022."
Variant and related titles
Property. Tentative draft, No. 3 (April 2022)
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December 07, 2023
Subjects covered: Volume 2. Interferences with, and limits on, ownership and possession
Division one. Property torts
Chapter 2. Private nuisance; prima facie case
Topic 1. Private nuisance, generally ([sections] 2.1-2.4)
Volume 3. Powers and duties associated with ownership
Division three. Bailments ([sections] 1-16)
Volume 4. Divided and shared ownership
Division one. The estate system
Chapter 1. Forms of ownership ([sections] 1.1-1.3)
Chapter 2. Present interests: classification ([sections] 2.1-2.6)
Chapter 3. Future interests: classification ([sections] 3.1-3.5)
Chapter 4. Maintaining and simplifying the estate system ([sections] 4.1-4.6)
Chapter 5. Waste ([sections] 5.1-5.2)
Volume 7. Land use
Division one. Zoning
Chapter 1. The roots of zoning ([sections] 1.1-1.4)
Chapter 2. Fundamental concepts ([sections] 2.1-2.6)
Chapter 3. Regulating land use, structures, and lots ([sections] 3.1-3.4)
Division two. Planning ([sections] 1-3])
Division three. Subdivision ([sections] 1-5)
Appendix A. Black letter of tentative draft no. 3
Appendix B. Black letter of sections approved by membership.
Restatements of the law.
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American Law Institute, issuing body.

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