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Readings in law and popular culture

Readings in law and popular culture / edited by Steve Greenfield and Guy Osborn.
0415376475 (hardback)
London ; New York : Routledge, 2006.
Physical Description
vi, 328 pages ; 24 cm.
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February 24, 2006
Routledge studies in law, society and popular culture.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Tony Bradney / "The case of buffy the vampire slayer and the politics of legal education"
Richard Collier / Peter's choice : issues of identity, lifestyle, and consumption in changing representations of corporate lawyers and legal academics?
Lieve Gies / Beyond textual analysis : are the media really shaping people's understanding of the law?
Geoff Pearson / Contextualising the football disorder act : proportionality under the hammer?
Andrew Blake / Sports and the countryside in the 21st century?
Mark James / Virtually foul or virtually fair? FIFA, fair play, fouling and football games?
Ken Foster / The juridification of sport?
Peter Robson / The justice films of Sidney Lumet
Hilary Sommerlad and Pete Sanderson / Gender, power, and law in screwball comedy : re-viewing talk of the town and Adam's rib?
Penny English / Five find treasure : the ownerhip of the past in Enid Blyton's Five on Finniston Farm
Kwela Sabine Hermanns / A license to bill? power relations and contemporary themes in music copyright
Yvonne morris / The legal implications surrounding the practice of video sampling in the digital age?
Steve Greenfield and Guy Osborn / Law, music, and the creative process ? who is an author?

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