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Enforcing the rule of law : social accountability in the new Latin American democracies

Enforcing the rule of law : social accountability in the new Latin American democracies / edited by Enrique Peruzzotti and Catalina Smulovitz.
0822958961 (pbk. : alk. paper)
Pittsburgh, PA : University of Pittsburgh Press, c2006.
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xiv, 362 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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June 08, 2006
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Civil society and the control of political power
Social accountability: an introduction / Enrique Peruzzotti and Catalina Smulovitz
The effectiveness of law: civil society and the public prosecution in Brazil / Rosangela Batista Calvancanti
Judicialization of protest in Argentina: the case of Corralito / Catalina Smulovitz
Multiple activation as a strategy of citizen accountability and the role of the investigating legislative commissions / Ana Tereza Lemos-Nelson and Jorge Zaverucha
Critical junctures of social accountability: lessons from Latin America / Nuria Cunill Grau
Violent police, passive citizens: the failure of social accountability in Chile / Claudio A. Fuentes
Social accountability in Mexico: the civic alliance experience / Alberto J. Olvera Rivera
Mobilization and accountability: a study of social control in the "Cabezas" case in Argentina / Jacqueline Behrend
Watchdog journalism and social accountability
Media scandals and social accountability: assessing the role of the senate scandal in Argentina / Enrique Peruzzotti
Reading scandals: scandals, media, and citizenship in contemporary Argentina / Silvio R. Waisbord
Some theoretical issues
Accountability and civil society / Andrew Arato
Social accountability in Latin America and beyond / Adam Przeworski
Notes on various accountabilities and their interrelations / Guillermo O'Donnell
Concluding remarks / Enrique Peruzzotti and Catalina Smulovitz.

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